Amazon sellers get 10 free codes

If you have a list of UPCs from a wholesaler we can quickly give you actionable Amazon Buy Box, review, and sales rank data in one concise spreadsheet.

Amazon Buy Box Research

Provide up to 10 codes
(or use the sample codes provided)

This service has been terminated by Amazon.

Results & Benefits


We accept them all and give you the top Amazon ASIN associated with that code.

Product Title & Group

You can easily identify items in the wrong category (e.g. Grocery).

MSRP, Price, & Shipping Costs

Quickly see price differences as well as the total Buy Box price (including shipping).

Current Sales Rank

How popular is the item? Sales Rank is based on actual sales and more importantly, recent sales.

Merchant & FBA Status

Find out who is selling the product and if they are shipping orders using Amazon's fulfilment service.

Review Count & Average Stars

Is the item popular enough with users and do customers believe this is a quality product?