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Amazon Buy Box Research

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The original code you provide, the Amazon ASIN, and either the UPC or EAN code associated with that item.

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The group is the larger category (e.g. Grocery) for your item. Easily identify items in the wrong category.

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Quickly see price differences as well as the total Buy Box price (including shipping) and just shipping charges (if applicable).

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How popular is the item? Sales Rank is based on actual sales and more importantly, recent sales.

Merchant & FBA Status

Find out who is selling the product and if they are fulfilling orders directly or using Amazon's fulfilment service.

Review Count & Average Stars

Is the item popular enough with users or of high enough quality? See what Amazon customers are saying.


"I use the tool to decide what to buy from wholesalers... the buy box price does give me a very good guide; it is sometimes helpful to know where Amazon is at with pricing."
— Ian T., United States of America

"I'd been using BookScoutPro for a few years... but changes to Amazon means that program now only works in the USA. I've been using NovelRank's tool a fair bit yesterday and today and it works great!"
— Patrick I., United Kingdom

"I have no regrets what-so-ever about this purchase. Thank you for your over the top support."
— Matthew V. C., United States of America